Soil milling cutter for vertical trenches


Do you remember the story of the captivating WALL-E and his ultramodern girlfriend EVE? He, a robot designed to keep the Earth clean forever. She, the key to the future. Together, a fantastic team.

Denys and elva met in reality. Our consultancy engineers worked behind the scenes to develop 'Wallie', the wall-slot-robot by Denys. This robot is a soil milling cutter with which vertical trenches can be milled through sandstone, up to 30 metres deep. So, what exactly does this mean? To begin with, some new applications. This makes underground construction possible without aboveground bother! Think of car parks, metro stations and shopping centres. This cooperation led to the fantastic realisation of the robot that was presented in world premiere on 28 September at the WTCB site in Limelette. Elva was particularly proud to be there that day!

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