Sophisticated light distribution and sustainable movement technique

Development E6 series

Together with elva, Etaplighting developed the E6 lighting range for parking garages and technical areas. The E6 series meets the following specifications:

  • Robust solution
  • Sophisticated light distribution
  • Sustainable investment

A solution for every room thanks to the 3 different lengths and luminous fluxes to guarantee the spatial applicability. In addition, an external motion detector was provided to save energy. Thanks to this motion detector, the lighting level rises or falls according to the movement level. The software also allows you to generate an overview of your energy consumption and savings.

The advantages?

  • Easy to install
  • Self-adjusting, adaptable
  • Tight design
  • Innovative
"Additional design capacity with knowledge of contemporary design methodologies is what we have been looking for and found in elva. The result of the collaboration is a good product that we are just as proud of as on any other ETAP product. design team was therefore fast and very good for each other. "
Chris Van Belleghem
- General Manager Etaplighting