11 moments to choose for consultancy

The reason for your temporary need for extra technical resources can be diverse. Below are a few examples when elva rushes to help you with additional consultants:

  1. Do you want to achieve results faster, but do not you have the manpower?
  2. Do you want a shorter time to market?
  3. Do you want immediate expertise without the long and intensive recruitment procedures?
  4. Do you want to use someone directly without training costs?
  5. Do you have a temporary project and therefore temporarily need extra expertise?
  6. Do you need an expansion of your expertise?
  7. Do you need experts with a broad professional specialization?
  8. Do you have a project that has to be converted from idea to realization?
  9. Do you not know the way to the right supplier? Then we screen possible partners.
  10. Are you growing and do you benefit from rapid extra reinforcement?
  11. Are you forced to quickly respond to a specific customer request, but are you lacking suitable staff?

Is one of these 11 situations recognizable?
Then elva is your answer.

Never called on consultancy?
Contact us and we would like to visit you to explain how we can help you.


10 reasons to choose elva as your consultancy partner

Are you not sure why you should choose elva? Then these 10 reasons will help you on your way.

  1. Recruitment
    Elva has a strict recruitment, so we keep the level high.
  2. Competence matrix
    Thanks to an own developed competence matrix, you get a perfect match between your question and our consultant.
  3. Perfect team
    We put together the perfect project team for you. One or more consultants of different levels or switching consultants during different phases of the project are both possibilities.
  4. Efficiency
    Maximum return from the start thanks to the expertise of our consultants.
  5. Life long learning
    All our consultants have annual access to an extensive training menu. Customer-specific training can also be organized.
  6. Succession
    There is a structured follow-up of our consultants and customers.
  7. Transparent
    Full transparent working method thanks to time registration and invoicing method.
  8. Agoria-proofed
    Our contracts have been worked out together with Agoria.
  9. Fixed payment service
    All our consultants are in permanent employment. Here we can provide knowledge assurance and thus offer a higher quality and return.
  10. Replacement
    Thanks to our large group of experts, we can guarantee an immediate replacement of our consultant in case of illness or accident, if desired.

6 advantages of consultancy

Why you choose for consultancy? These 6 advantages will make your doubt disappear.

  1. Cost saving
    Up to 6 months it is more economical for you than to hire someone permanently.
  2. Cost and no wage burden
    A consultancy invoice is an expense invoice and no reinforcement of the wage burden on your balance sheet.
  3. Pay only what you get
    Illness, accidents, unforeseen absence are for the account of elva.
  4. Speed
    Consultants are involved faster than looking for a permanent employee. Our employees can also call on you to bridge this period or train your new employee, which ensures maximum relief for your organization.
  5. Increase growth
    If your business can grow by accepting additional assignments and challenges, why not hire consultants to do this?
  6. Knowledge back-up
    Behind every consultant is a company that supports him and where he can go for advice and advice. In the case of elva, our consultants have access to companies with expertise in the field of: Design, Engineering, Management, and visualisation.

Our consultants are experts because they are generalists and have already been involved in various sectors. The use of their competences in various companies and sectors has provided them with this expertise. By only working in one company, you never gain the same expertise.

Elva helps you as a customer to support your growth. Elva specializes in project-based consultancy assignments. Each assignment has its specific needs. Our consultants can transfer from one project to the next project with the same client if we are convinced of the win-win situation, in other words if our consultant is also the right match for your next assignment.


In the development of a new product, we always start from innovative ideas. Creative innovation that is tested against reality and practical feasibility. Discover some realisations that our Consultants & Blue Consultants have contributed to.